The Work


PracticeThe goal of this work is to achieve living your life as a whole human being. This means living in a way that feels right and true to the inner sense of yourself. Discovering how to live your own unique rightness can enable you to face the many ups and downs of life without becoming excessively over-whelmed or stuck, to be more able to participate in relationships in a deeper and more fulfilling manner, and to find and pursue goals that reflect your true nature. In this work, your inner life is taken as seriously as your outer life. During sessions we pay careful attention to day-to-day thoughts and habits, disturbing conflicts and emotional upheavals. Through this reflective work, you can begin to discover different perspectives that can lead to new attitudes about yourself and others. Over time, the grip of symptoms and conflictual feelings can lessen considerably. You begin to understand yourself and your motivations. To understand means to ‘take hold of’… when you understand something about yourself, you take hold of yourself. This can result in a release of mental energy that can be used in creative ways. You can find meaningful activities, new pursuits, and have deeper engagements with others. You can be more present in your relationships, defensive feelings can decrease, and you can have an increased sense of curiosity and purpose. You can become yourself; your singular, unique self.

My Background

Karen StoddardI have been engaged in exploring and gaining understanding of the experience of the unconscious for most of my adult life through studying the works of Carl Jung. As a therapist for over sixteen years, I have provided psychotherapeutic services in a variety of settings, including in medical services where I have worked with people facing chronic or serious medical diagnoses. I have found throughout all of my work that when attention is paid to the unconscious influences in our lives, new meaning and direction can be found. I have a master’s in social work from the University of St. Thomas and am a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker. In 2021 I graduated from the training program of the Inter-Regional Association of Jungian Analysts as a Diplomate Jungian Analyst.

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