About Dreams

Dream worksDreams can provide profound insight into your desires, motivations, creative urges, and emotions. They are natural and spontaneous mental products that are not controlled by conscious wishes or goals. Dreams can provide hints about directions you might need to take in your life.

Dreams can seem very mysterious and confusing. This is because the language of dreams is symbolic; it is not rational or logical. The symbols in dreams, meaning the situations, the activity, the people or animals that appear in your dreams, are metaphors for something in your conscious life. For example, you might dream of a sunrise. This could mean many things, but one idea could be of a dawning awareness of something in your life. Reflecting on what these dream symbols mean to you can lead to new insights about yourself and your life.

You might not ever remember your dreams, or you might have many dreams each night. Psychotherapeutic work can be done with or with out recalling dreams. It is likely, however, that once you start considering unconscious influences, you will begin to recall dreams more frequently. You might catch only the occasional sliver of a dream, but even these quiet messages can prove to be helpful guides toward making meaningful choices in your life.

Dream Groups

dream groupDream groups can be rich and rewarding experiences that offer a unique way to self-reflect. Although not as in-depth as individual psychotherapeutic work, a dream group provides you with an opportunity to unlock some of the feelings of mystery you might have about your dreams and can help you gain unexpected and potentially helpful perspectives on current circumstances in your life.

A dream group is meant to be a safe place to share dreams. Participants share any dream they would like, as well as thoughts, feelings, or other images that come to mind in association to the dream. Group members are also invited to share their own thoughts and feelings and images about the dream. This group discussion can help to increase your awareness of what the dream might be indicating about an aspect of your life. All dreams and dreamers are treated respectfully and with the understanding that intimate details are not expected to be shared.

I am making plans to start a dream group for women in the near future. If you are interested, please contact me at (651) 401-8164.